Jul 212005

We bought a Ninpo manufactured “Magic Bullet” blender on Sunday at Bai Lun Fa super market. It is a very cool blender, in fact, I made a broccoli baby food last night.

Sunday night after dinner we went to the super market to chill and just check out the options of blender. We went to a kitchen electric section. Three sales raps for different blenders approached to us, 1) high-end Korean blender rep 2) Shanghai manufactured blender rep 3)Ninpo manufactured blender rep.

A Korean blender rep dropped out soon because he knows we are cheap. Ninpo rep took us to his demonstration booth and showed us how to make cucomba milk juice. Ninpo rep looks young and nerdy but honest. Then Shanghai rep who almost looks like western, very light brown eyes and military clean cut came and smashed his blender container into the floor to show how unbreakable his blender is. Jesse was impressed because I often break things. Jesse asked the Ninpo rep if he is going to smash his container, he said “No” because the container is not something smash into the floor. Jesse looked at the Ninpo rep said “Then I have to buy a Shanghai blender”. The Ninpo rep smashed his container into the floor. Now the Shanghai rep was standing on his container to show how strong his container is. Jesse glanced at the Ninpo rep. The Ninpo rep shook his head and stepped on his container.

Their sales talks were also fired up. The Ninpo rep explained the advantages of his blender. Meanwhile the Shanghai rep was loudly repeating “Shanghai brand is the best!”.

Jesse asked some girl who was watching our “entertainment” if she were him, she would choose which brand. She said depends. Obviously she didn’t want to get involved. Jesse told both reps he doesn’t want to cause problem between their relationship, so he doesn’t want to buy any tonight. However five minutes later we sneaked back and bought a Ninpo one.

Akiva is going to eat carrot tonight.

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