Dec 032004

My friend is move out of the bay area. The high cost of living made her and her husband decided moving away. They are moving to Hawaii where her husband is from and his family is there. They have a year old baby girl. It is good to be closer to family.

She has been telling me how hot guys are in Hawaii. I have never been there, but I can imagine there would be so many George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel and Yutaka Takenouchi look like hot guys. They would all walk around half naked with sun tuned skin and tattoo on the beach.

Meanwhile I am going back to Shanghai. A guy has not been a subject of beauty. All guys are measured by how thick their wallets are. An oily smelly hair, brown teeth by smoking and drinking black tea, and flabby stomach could be attractive if he is successful.

I am so jealous of her.

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