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Living abroad is difficult. The fist year will pass by really quickly when you still enjoy everything as a tourist. The second year gets hard, because you are no longer tourist. You have experienced everything new in the first year. Nothing left, but home sick. The third year gets harder. You will get lost who you are where you belong to. Then the forth year, things get easier and you would be no longer a foreigner in the country you live.

Meanwhile you would lose all your “friends” slowly in your country at the first year. The second year, you would feel you have no friends either your country or the country you live now. You even feel your family no longer understand you. The third year, you realize only good friends still remain as friend in your country who have a living abroad experience or something similar and you would slowly build new friends in the country you live. The forth year, your family would accept who you are or you would accept who they are.

What I am getting here? I am trying to understand why Jesse lost passion for his blogger. He has lived in abroad in and out, but he is still a beginner. I consider myself as experienced, because I have lived in the US for eight years.

Jesse said there is not much interesting things are happing in his life in Shanghai, plus no one look at his blogger anyway. I was really upset when he told me. He has no right to decide what is interesting or not in his life. Life is not always interesting in any world anyway. Only people who are interested in him look at his blogger. They are interested in you so they find interesting on things you do. He should be glad not so many people are interested in him. He is not celebrity. No paparazzi is going to chase after him. Occasionally only good friends and family look at his blogger is good enough, right?! He is going to lose all his friends anyway but only good friends.

I hope he will get back his passion on blogger sometime. Meanwhile I will update his blogger.

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