Dec 082004

I went to see OB yesterday. Now I have to see her every other week. I am healthy as usual, and our baby is doing OK at least normal heart beat. I am fortunate to have a good pregnancy.

The other day my friend and I took a walk to the park. She has a year old son. She put her son into a stroller and pushed it around. I stuck out my big belly. It was beautiful day. We were quite happy to walk, chat and eat baklava we got at Jewish deli. Then young woman walked by and told us “You guys make me want to have a baby!”. My friend said back to her “Take your time!” and whispered to me “We waited until recently our mid-thirty”. I thought a whole conversation was funny. Being pregnant or having a baby is a statement whether you want or not.

Yesterday I set beautiful menorahs which my in-laws gave us. Tonight is the fist night of Hanukkah.

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