Dec 162004

I don’t want to change my style, just because I am pregnant. However skirt is getting more comfortable to wear than pants. When I have to sit for a while at work, my lower stomach gets really tightened and pressured by seam of pants.

I used to love to wear thong especially low-rise one. It doesn’t show underwear line and very comfortable with pants. Now I wear skirt more than pants and find out skirt and thong don’t go together in winter time. My butt cheeks get very cold.

My no change style policy and beauty conscious does not allow me to buy a huge old lady underwear. I am also stingy to spend money on anything just for pregnancy. So I dug into Jesse’s cloth set and found his boxer and brief which he did not take to Shanghai (they are clean!!). Amazingly a boxer brief is very comfortable and covers all my butt, belly and thighs. It also makes me believe my pregnancy is temporary – makes me feel like I am just wearing it for a short period time and get back to thong soon!!

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