Mar 092004

According to Stephen Hawkings, humans measure time by definition according to the second principle of thermodynamics, which states that as time progresses, so does entropy (or disorder). Today I marked to milestones in time.

The first being the my computer crashed and seems to really really screwed. Its scanning disk right now and finding errors in every sector. Which means that I lost everything on it. I cannot tell you how much this entropy sucks.

The second is that I received a job offer to be the director of business development and marketing for a small consulting company. I will have 4 sales people report to me. I did not yet tell those sales people that I am a lousy sales person. I hope they will do as I say and not as I do. The company uses a personality-typing system to evaluate prospective employees. It hopes to sell this system, as well as employee satisfaction surveys and “Outward Bound” type training services to Fortune 500 companies in Shanghai. I did tell them that I cannot do any activity requiring me to climb ropes are stand over great hights.

I also have a job interview with HP tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this. The HR person told me she received my resume from 4 different people.

I need to go practice a speech and figure out ways to access my University of Phoenix class. I’ll try to update again on Thursday.

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