Dec 182003

I have not posted in the last week and I’m not going to say alot here. I have been sick; now I’m somewhat better. As a side affect, there really has not been any stories to tell because I have stayed mostly at home.

I did give my first speech at Toast Masters club. The speech was supposed to be an “ice-breaker”; I was to introduce myself and give the audience an impression of my background within a 6 minute speech. I’m not going to repeat the speech here because 1) parts of it are fabricated, and 2) its mostly a repeat of stuff you all know. Below Everyone at the meeting said I did a great job. They are supposed to say that though, in order to boost my speaking confidence. are the speech notes.

But first, other bits of news:

*If anyone has ideas about stuff they can sell on ebay that can be sourced in China, let me know.

*I got my visa situation straightened out.

*Food report: favorite restaurant is the “North-East Style Dumpling King”, about a half mile from our apartment. But I don’t like their dumplings as much as their hand made noodles with SiChuan sauce, stir-fried spinach, LaPi (something like cold noodles made out of I-don’t-know-what, in vinegar and cilantro dressing), and their tomato-egg soup.

*DVD report: Tears of the Sun (somewhat entertaining), Missing Gun (Chinese film. Good, but everyone speaks with a weird accent), The Good Thief (severely overrated), Out of Time (I like Denzel), Tron, Bette Blue (uhhh…), The Hours (I don’t care if Japanese people think suicide can be poetic…I think it sucks), and South Park Complete Season 3 (“Respect my authoritai!”)

The Speech:

Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

One day, in 1991, of the coast of California in the Pacific ocean, I almost drowned. That is how I ended up here. [tell story about pulling Erik and Chaz, leading to drinking, leading to missing my Spanish class]

You see, in 1989… college. From San Diego. Santa Cruz

World events that took place in the second half of 1989 had convinced me that I should learn a second language. I was going to learn Spanish or Russian. But I found that Russian was too hard. So I should have learned Spanish. .

Why continue study Chinese…no nothing about china until later.

In 1992 I went to Beijing Da Xue to study there for one year. It was my first time traveling outside of the US. It was the first time I ever had a roommate. To make matters worse for me, Beijing University was a rather uptight politically sensitive environment. There were a lot of police on campus. Chinese students would not talk to me much. I guess the problem though was that I lacked the social skills needed to “break the barrier” and make friends with localls.

[ if have time tell story about stone boat ]

I met Haga, my wife, at Beida. She says I met her when I was “demoted” to a lower class because I didn’t do my homework. I say I met her when she was cooking Japanese food in the hallway of our dorm.

We were married in 8 yue, 8 hao 1999

[My marriage Ceremony]

[.5 – 1 minute for work experience ]

Coming to Shanghai

I want to support her here, but I’m also looking for a job… I am looking for work in companies as well as pursuing my own entrepreneurial projects. Shanghai (and China as a whole) is a place full of opportunities and adventure for me. I hope to make my fortune here, as well as make new good friends.

Thank you.

Mr. Toastmaster…

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