Oct 092003

We arrived yesterday at around 2PM. The flight was good. In the in-flight movie, I saw the new governor of California fight a sexy female cybernetic organism.

We are very tired. I didn’t sleep much yesterday. So I have a tired-nasal headache. We checked into the hotel, went to the company, then went to our appartment. The appartment was really big. It has gaudy shandeliers, and three bedrooms. Washer/dryer included. Airconditioning, TV DVD VCR big bathtubs fridge fire alarm ironing board dinning room table friendly security guard security gate air conditioning heater second bathroom balcony phone fake wood floors

PS. Have a phone number for my mobile phone. Its listed to the right. We also ate Weeguar noodles. And walked around different parts. Found an internet caffe not too far from our appartment. Haga likes her coworkers and wishes you all well. I bought her a 4 book translated set of Neil Stephenson’s “Cryptonomicon”. And I ate baozi, xiaolongbao, and jianbingguoze with out the guoze for breakfast (translated: dimsum. dimsum. and eggy-pancake with hot sause).

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