Oct 292003

House exactly like my Parent’s neighbor’s house. Photo taken by Jerry Rife of San Diego Union Tribune

I’m very very relieved to hear that everyone is all right.

I didn’t realize the Southern California fire was where it was until yesterday…the headlines didn’t mention the fire extended into San Diego city, so I thought this was all out in the boonies. Then I saw this picture and read that parts of Tierrasanta have been evacuated. Tierrasanta is not I the boonies. This has threatened large parts of the city. I guess I thought modern cities are not supposed to burn down in times of peace. I was home-sick yesterday. And Mom’s cell phone number didn’t work. But now everything is OK.

I still have a bad sore throat. I went to a different toastmaster’s meeting last night and I’m making some friends. Tonight I’m going to the American Chamber of Commerce Mixer. I’ve been drinking 2 beers a day so that I can build some tolerance for social drinking. It seems everyone here drinks a lot.

On the bike in the National Forest

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