Oct 032003

Me at the airport. After coffee and cookies in the First class lounge.

We left on Thursday. I miss Unagi

First Class flights rule! Movies: Millennium Actress – A-; Bruce Almighty – C-. The flights was 10 hours. Lots of leg room. Narita Airport to Yokodai was 2.5 hours. And I had to go to the bathroom.

The family here is good. They all say I lost weight. My niece Shichan is 3 and very cute. My niece Nahochan is 4 months and also very cute. Shichan talks alot now, so I’m having relate-problems. Naho doesn’t talk much, so we relate well. Hirome signed up for a free 30day ISP, so I can get online and do my University of Phoenix chores (as well as update this blog. Japan is the same. Its smoking. Its crowded. Its overly polite. Its muggy. Its hip-hop-happening. Its hitting my head on the short door-frames.

Schedule: Saturday we see Shichan in an athletics competition. Sunday is family day. Monday and Tuesday I don’t know. Wensday its Shanghai or bust.

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