Oct 072003

We had a party in celebration of…just a family celebration.

We ate sushi, beef salad, sushi mackerel & avocado salad, crackers, and chocolates. Mmmm. Haga’s grandfather played a senile guessing game – see if he remembers everyone’s name. He called Haga “Hirome”. So I told him my name was Takashi (Hirome’s husband). It was the best joke of the night.

The grandfather also told stories about army life in “Manchugogu” – Manchuria…which is Northern China. He noted that it was really poor, and people would defecate in the streets, and then the pigs would come by and eat it. Haga’s grandmother then went on about how she thinks that the Japanese were just trying to bring development and civilization to the people there. Chinese people would probably be upset to hear what they said. On the other hand, they are a product of a less-enlightened generation- a generation going through the changes of modernity and fascism. People today don’t have as good excuses for being dumb.

We went outside and had an amature photographer take pictures of everyone in Hirome’s garage. So go to the end of the gallery to see the newest pics.

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