Sep 262003

I’m already getting heat. Apparently, some people are keeping tabs on this blog and complaining that I don’t update everyday. I’m happy people are already reading this. But I’m not even in Shanghai yet. This is supposed to be a blog about living in Shanghai! So I need to decide if I should update this blog daily with trivia, or wait till I have a moment of inspiration.

OK. Here is the trivia. I’m behind in my teaching work. I need to catch up before we leave next Wednesday. People are calling me up to remind me to call my grandparents…Although they don’t say it, they are worried he won’t be around when I come back. Lucia almost sat on Unagi and I kept my cool about it…Although she thinks I over-reacted and yelled at her. (what does she know? I do not over-react!) I have confirmed that I can use Yahoo! IM chat as a cheap Voice Over Internet (VoIP) solution for communicating with loved-one in the United States. Haga has decided that I never take good pictures of her. My POS Sony laptop can’t stay connected to the internet for more than 2 minutes. Special thanks today to John Pasden – a citizen in China – who has confirmed that China bloks blog*spot, but does not block the toolset at blogger (which I use to create this diary thingy). Ingrid’s going to Hawaii. I have told several friends that I will call them before I leave, and I do not know if I really will. I still need to cast my ballot in the California recall election (no on the recall. Period. I don’t like Cruz…he’s a commie. I don’t like Arianna. I don’t like Arnold…too cheezy. I should have ran for governor…).

Is the trivia that spews forth really worth reading?

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