Sep 232003

Haga and I went to Palm Desert resort to visit our family. On the way down stopped off to meander in Santa Barbara. Had a good time. Everyone seems doing good and we were happy to see them before we left for the Orient.

Palm Desert sucks though. Its a town built up for the purpose of giving Mother Nature the bird. Japanese virtual reality: carefully manecured moss and bonsai gardens built to encapsulated the spirit of nature. Palm Desert virtual reality: lunar landscape planted with swaths of living artificial grass golf courses designed by failed 60s Hollywood actors.

There was a Spring-Break thing going on at the pool. It was ugly. I needed an accomplice. I tried to get my sister into the idea of getting in a wrestling match in the main pool, so we could splash water on the smoking sun-backed alcoholics that took up space in the otherwise pretty pool area. She wouldn’t go along

We also attended a conference where I learned what “thermogenisis” is. And bought two pairs of shoes for the SH trip.

Mission Santa Barbara

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