Sep 172003


I got my new world phone today…

I got that POS laptop that Tony left me (yes…thank you Tony!) working.

I published my last years travel story (at least, what I finished of it)

Haga got finger-printed so that the FBI can keep track of her.

Online bill payments set up.

Taught Lucia how to use the sprinkler system.

Will go to get Visa on Thursday.

Still need to plant the lime tree in the back, clean up garage…

I’m really tense. I’m forgetting something I’m sure.

This is a pic from Tony’s “Get the hell out of here II” party at Korea House on El Camino Real in Sunnyvale (last week). Good food. Great friends from my fabulous days at Acer. Tony is in the too tight white shirt sitting in the middle… The guy in the foreground (in front of me) was trying to enjoy his Hot Tofu pot, but the waitress shoved him aside to take this picture.

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