Craving Hamburger

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Oct 172016


We went to watch an opening game of Nagoya dolphin diamonds basketball team.


We wanted to eat hamburgers for dinner. We went to handsomburger which has a good reputation in Fushimi. However, they closed at 3:00 on Saturday.


The owner recommended to other burger place a beer pub BRICK LANE in walking distance. We liked their burger (and beer).

We started to look for burger restaurants close our home.

Brother 69 is a long bicycle distance from our house. Maybe not burger, hopefully Jesse can find some food to write a review….

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Utsumi Beach in Aichi

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Oct 172016


Our favorite beach in Aichi is Utsumi beach!


It is fun to go in summer.kimg0016 kimg0021

It is even fun to go in Fall.kimg0214





At the end of beach trip, we always stop by Costco.

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September-Birthday Month

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Oct 172016

Kenaz had a fun birthday party with his friends.


Jesse made a Kenaz’s favorite brownie.  kimg0134

Kenaz was so happy. He couldn’t stop jumping!kimg0128 kimg0126 kimg0129

and my birthday…


My birthday night, Typhoon Malakas arrived with strong, winds, rains, and risk of flooding. We had alert to prepare for the evacuation.


Late night rain stopped. We went to the closest river. The water level was very hight.

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Summer – BBQ, Projects and etc

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Aug 102016

I had a translation job for International Baccalaureate program workshop in Tokyo. During the 5 days, kids went to a space science center by 10 minutes walking from my parents house. The science museum offered different projects every day.IMG_1849They experimented a law of the pendulum,
IMG_1845created a pathfinder by recycle materials,
IMG_1839made super bouncy balls, and others…

We did BBQ several times. Yokohama Costco is not far from my parents house. We did hamburger, seafood, and Korean style. Kenaz had to make giant s’mores every BBQ.IMG_1828

Shi-chan and Naho-chan got older. They had school and other school related commitments. Akiva and Kenaz couldn’t hang around with their cousins as much as they wanted.


We went to see Kabuki for kids in Tokyo Art Theater.

We did a little Tokyo tour around the theater.
IMG_1622There are so many bugs in Japanese summer. Akiva and Kenaz always get into Japanese rhinoceros beetle. They woke up 3 am to catch beetles in camphor forest. They caught so many different cicadas. They can sneak up cicada on the tree trump and use their two fingers to catch it without a net.

We went to see my grandma, 98 years old. She remembered vividly the time she visited us in Shanghai when she was 86 years old.IMG_1605While kids went to a local public school for one month. My mum and I manage to have some fun. 3 years after her back operation, she is doing great. She was even nominated to compete a game for air blowgun which she started for her rehabilitation.

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Summer – Ninja challenge

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Aug 102016

We saw an annual TV show Sasuke (American Ninjia Worrier). Kids got so inspired. They think they can challenge the competition. Before they actually register for the participation. We went to Tsukushino park in Yokohama where has 50 different obstacles. IMG_1709



I liked this simple obstacle, about 500 m depth hole. We run circle inside of the hole to use centrifugal force to come out to the surface.



This is called spider web. Kenaz was so good at hanging on the rope, but he couldn’t let go his hands to launch on the web. He tried many times but he held on the rope too tight. IMG_1745

We loved obstacles on the pound. There were about 10. I almost fell into the water during the bucket obstacle.



We enjoyed all obstacle courses especially on the pound. We were there from 9 am  beginning till 5pm closing time. We became Ninjia!!

We went to a water park, Tokyo Summer Land.

There were different slides and obstacles (again!). Since we all became Ninjia worriers the other day. Jumping over the slippery tree stumps was easy!



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Birthday, BBQ (and NSFW Jesse photo)

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May 292016

Tt was my Birthday. Not saying how old I am. That’s not important and not saying anything else about that.

I worked a lot during the week, and Akiva went on an overnight camping trip with his class on my Birthday, and the day after he got back, he went to the G7 Summit to see the para-Olympians. So we split my Birthday celebration into two weekend activities. First… river hike + BBQ.

We went to a riverside camp in the North part of Kasugai (the city / suburb of Nagoya where we live) and BBQed some Costco beef w/ sweet potatoes and mushrooms. Then…


We went on a hike.


Kids got in a waterfall. I was feeling tired and a little down because I’m closer to the abyss of nothingness which all our lives lead to, and contemplating how all the energy of the universe will decay into ever-expanding heat. And in the meantime I don’t know how I can help my kids pay for college, ever, and global warming will make life so difficult for their children and all of our society is a sham because we have moral codes based on an obvious lie that we have free-will.


Then my children did what they tend to do…

Then… I decided I need a little shock to my system. (Warning: NSFW… hairy bear sighted)


So now I have a new Birthday tradition. Although next time should bring some river shoes / sandals so my feet are not tortured while I’m under freezing cold water.

On my actual Birthday had a little icecream…


Next weekend we went to see “Captain America: Civil War”.


A good movie about the theme of doing what is right even if that goes against the wishes of (possibly) corrupt society/government/leaders, or doing what is right by following the established norms of a democratic society which ensures mutual benefit and accountability. I can see how a lot of people would not like this movie because there really are no “evil” guys here… only people who let their pain consume them, causing them to either develop elaborate plans to take down super-powered beings. I can relate to this. What I cannot relate to is that Steve Rogers… liberal hero who stands for freedom of information and the right to self-determination (from Winter Soldier movie), now is a stand-in for anti-UN gun rights nuts.

Later had icecream cake…





Kids and Haga made an awesome present for me.



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Spring Events

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May 222016

It’s Spring.  Covner family events:

  1. Explored large abandoned railway tunnel.

tunnel 1 (1)

tunnel 2 (1)


2. Throw rocks into river.


rock throwing 2 (1)

3. Learn how to filter water.

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