Handmade Ceramic

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Apr 162016

Finally our own potteries were ready!

Happy 11th birthday for Akiva!


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Cherry blossom viewing

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Apr 032016

Jesse wondered why Japanese are crazy about Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)”. Japanese people often have a picnic party to enjoy cherry blossoms as well as food and drinks under the cherry tree. DSC_0265


Saturday morning my mother called me to ask if we are going to do Hanami. In fact, she has already done it in the park not far from her house. I asked her why she did it and why we should do it. She told me no matter what you need to eat meal why not enjoy cherry blossom and nice spring weather outside. DSC_0266
It was nice and warm this Saturday. We walked on the river side and went to Japanese Home Depot (Jesse spend two hours to try to find some pieces to modify a Nerf gun which made all of us crazy). Any way, Jesse picked a 57 cents plastic tube. It was time to eat lunch. We decided to follow the Japanese sprit to eat our lunch by cherry trees.

DSC_0269 DSC_0272

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Glass Blowing

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Mar 252016


We made our own glass!

It looks easy to make glass but it was not. Kids did very good job!

spring break - 2 of 7


spring break - 3 of 7





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Fossil Discovery

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Mar 062016

Seventeen million years ago, Mizunami in Gifu (currently inland) was under the ocean. We took a half day lecture how to be Indiana Jones!! Actually Indiana Jones was an archaeologist. Fossil digging is a paleontology which I didn’t know. IMG_20160221_105755

It had heavy rain a day before. River was full. We couldn’t see geologic stratum. IMG_20160221_111026

Akiva always likes a gambling aspect of activities. He got very into discover something big and rare. IMG_20160221_113852

We actually found a many seashells, and pine cone fossil. It was very interesting how fragile organic pine cone was preserved. Many sands got into between plates which maintained the shape of pine cone.

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Winter Break

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Jan 172016

In 2016, our first best food was soba at Jesse’s favorite restaurant Nakamura an in Kamakura.IMG_20160102_130531

It was the busies time of year in Kamakura. Many people came to Kamakura Hachimangu, a Shinto shrine to prey for a good year. We waited for 50 minutes. It was totally worth it. I love their soba.IMG_20160102_125016

We drove from Nagoya to Yokohama to spend New Year at my parents house. On the way, we stayed by Lake Kawaguchi for 2 days. Lake Kawaguchi is famous for two things. One is a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.  Especially early morning, Mt. Fuji reflects in the lake.IMG_20151226_071445

Another formous thing is Aokigahara forest as known as the Suicide Forest, very dense trees attracted people who don’t want to be found. IMG_20151227_110116

However, during winter time all leaves fall. Nice sun light came into the forest. It was the one of my best hiking in Japan. The ground of forest is volcanic rocks. We see many caves.




This is the view from our cottage. I couldn’t stop staring Fuji.



We did BBQ. We love pre-marinaded Korean bulgogi beef from Costco. We wrap the beef in lettuce to eat. Yummy!! Again, I couldn’t stop staring the mountain.



We cannot finish BBQ without s’mores.




More pictures from Aokigahara Forest.


We didn’t see anybody in the forest. It was very quiet. Thick leaves on the ground made very nice soft cushion to our feet. It was very slippery too.DSC_0161







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New things in Nagoya

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Jan 172016

Komeda Coffee is a local coffee shop in Nagoya area. We cannot find Starbucks but Komeda everywhere. They are famous for 1 coin (500 yen) break fast set menu, coffee or your choice of drink (Akiva and Kenaz got milk) come with a thick toast bread with boiled egg or jam. Komeda recommend sweet red bean spread.IMG_20151222_110848Another Komeda’s special menu is a soft served ice cream on top of warmDanish pastry.  

Wow, cold ice cream goes with warm danish very well. Kenaz cannot resist it!


I like hiking. Our new favorite is Mt. Miroku. On the top, we can feed birds. It is cute small green bird. Oh, about bird, when we were in Kamakura, a hawk took away my chocolate sandwich from behind from sky.



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Kenaz’s Art

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Dec 232015

Kenaz’s drawing was displayed at Nagoya city museum. IMG_20151121_133656

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